Friday, 13 September 2013

Red Head to a Blonde Bombshell

If you know me personally you would know that I do nothing by halves. I love bold makeup (when I have the energy) and I love having my hair bold so it stands out. For the past 3/5 years I have been a vibrant redhead but recently I have gotten bored of it and fancied a change. I considered many options including purple but my son Ibby begged me not to go purple as I was "too old". Sigh - there goes that age stigma again - lol!

So I have settled on blonde - as blonde as I can be. I have long thick hair and it takes ALOT of colour to color my hair. For the past 8 years I have been going to the same hairdressers called Salon Secrets to have my hair done by a lovely lady called Emma. We have a mutual agreement between us - Emma can do anything to my hair as long as she doesn't give me a fringe and Emma herself has said she will always refuse to give me a perm as she doesn't think it will work. Barring that anything could happen at one of my appointments.

Going blonde is part of my new image, as well as trying to lose 5 stone of weight by this time next year. I am tired of putting it down to post-pregnancy weight when Amber has now turned 3. When I told Emma that I wanted to go blonde she has explained to me that it's not a straightforward transition - I am going to have to have all my hair stripped and go through the different shades to lighten it as if she tried to turn my hair blonde now it will probably go pink - Ibby would be mortified!

So my first appointment at the Salon is this Saturday - I am literally spending the whole day in the hairdressers to start this process. I am packing a lunch and snacks, taking my kindle, my phone and my charger as I am sure it will run out before I am finished - my phone battery at least. Whilst I am there I will take photos of the process to show you how it's going and hopefully you will like the end result until I have to go back next to get it coloured again and again. For a photo of how red my hair is just look at my banner - it's not a subtle shade.

Wish me luck - I could come out of the Salon a multitude of colours - luckily I trust my hairdresser.

Blobfish - the worlds ugliest animal?

I read an interesting article today that I found on Facebook - always a great source of random articles. Today the Ugly Animal Preservation Society crowned the Blobfish as being the world's most disgusting and grotesque animal in the world.

The UAPS was formed to raise much needed exposure for endangered species that aren't your normal fluffy cute variety - in fact they are downright hideous but they desperately need help to stop them becoming Extinct.

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society was formed by a group of comedians including Steve Mould, Ellie Jane Taylor and Paul Foot. They searched for ideas to raise awareness and settled on having an online competition where users online could vote for who they thought was the ugliest animal. More than 100,000 viewers saw online the Youtube video that had been created. People voted in their thousands and today the Blobfish was crowned the ugliest at British Science Festival.

You may think that a competition for the ugliest animal in the world is cruel and just making a mockery of these animals but it is far from it - this was organised to raise awareness of animals that arent usually supported because of how unsightly they are. Think about it - if you saw a Blobfish what is your first reaction? Is it "aww that is so cute" or do you simply want to EWWW? It's not a crime to say that you are disgusted by the look of him but his plight is as important as the adorable endangered snow leopard or other such good looking creatures.

Simon Watt, biologist and President for Life of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society explained: “We’ve needed an ugly face for endangered animals for a long time and I’ve been amazed by the public’s reaction. For too long the cute and fluffy animals have taken the limelight but now the blobfish will be a voice for the mingers who always get forgotten.”

Personally I think I have seen uglier exes......................

Insomnia is cruel

Oh dear, it's 2am in the morning here and I have been tossing and turning for nearly 2 hours now. Unfortunately with Fibromyalgia you can't get into a deep relaxing sleep that rejuvenates the body. On many nights I can't get to asleep at all without a sleeping tablet, though I hate taking more tablets than I anyway do. But Mike has given up on me moaning and groaning and went downstairs 5 minutes ago to get me a sleeping tablet. It will take about 30 minutes to an hour to take effect so in the meanwhile I am hunting for late night friends on Facebook whilst also looking through the Daily Mail website to see if there's anything there to capture my attention. I am also updating a drafted article I am planning to put on here about Fibromyalgia and M.E and how it affects my family and I. It's taking time as I am struggling to write an article that explains my life but doesn't look like I am seeking pity or attention, which I don't want. Hopefully I will have it published in the next few days if Amber and Ibby give me some much appreciated mummy time.

Anyway I am waffling as I tend to late at night so I shall bid you farewell whilst I wait for this tablet to take effect. In the meanwhile I will jealously look at Mike who has the ability to be asleep before his head even touches the pillow - a very frustrating trait to observe when you are an insomniac.

Sweet dreams x x x ..............

Are children being desensitised?

It's a really worrying thing that I ponder on alot as a mother of two young children - are children growing up far too quickly? It seems that I am not the only one - according to the UK Government during research almost 9 out of 10 parents feel that children are growing up far too quickly. Nearly half of parents are unhappy with programmes or adverts on TV before the 9pm watershed. As am I. I have seen far too much sexualisation and violence on the television before 9pm.

My son has just turned 9 and he tends to go to bed at 7:30pm on school days and I do try to control what he watches to make sure that he is seeing nothing that I deem inappropriate. But I do worry what he may see when he is not in our house - maybe at a friends. So many children now seem to think that violence and sex is commonplace and they joke about it and re-enact it out in their play. The main re-enactment I notice is from music videos where celebrities are gyrating about and making explicit suggestions. Miley Cyrus, I can only shake my head in disdain at you. Yes you want to show a more grown up image but flashing your crotch and doing sexual innuendo ALL the time does not a lady make.

Now please don't think I am a prude - I am far from it, but there has to be a time when you draw the line and say no as the child is too young. When I was a child the only programme we saw on television with violence was Tom and Jerry cartoons - hardly inspiring us to go out in the street and cause criminal acts. They also almost certainly didn't desensitise our brains. My childhood was spent outdoors - being inside was boring. I would literally climb the walls in the morning to be let out into the fresh air. Creating dens, climbing trees, water fights and playing at the park - those were the times. We weren't angels, we certainly got up to our fair share of mischief but nothing more than harmless childhood pranks. In this day and age you have to worry about gangs, vandalism, bullying that comes in many forms, making sure your child wears the right labels so they are not teased.

On a shocking note - the rise in statistics of teenagers who have been found in possession of knives and guns is simply terrifying. Putting weapons into the hands of hormonally pumped up teenagers who seem to have no idea of the real consequences of they use them is a real worry. They don't see that though and this is because society has allowed them to be desensitised about death through television shows, computer games and violent music, to mention just a few. More and more young people are being sent to prison for these sort of crimes and instead of showing remorse they wear it as a badge of honour. This is a rising tend that has to be addressed as these youths are the ones who will raise the next generation and who knows what will happen next. I don't dare to imagine.

Girls being expected to have sex with boyfriends at such young ages because they will be teased about being virgins is one of the reasons that has resulted in Britain having the highest population of teen mums in Europe. Girls are expected to *put out* or be called all sorts of names and ridiculed. So young teens that don't feel ready for sex will go along with it anyway so that they feel grown up and respected by their peers.

This has also highlighted a rise in sexually transmitted diseases in people under 18 years of age as adequate protection is not being used. Teenagers under 16 simply aren't mature enough to deal with the implications of sex - pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, rumours, pressure to sleep with someone you don't want to, the list goes on.

I could tell you a million more reasons as to why children are desensitised in today's society and they are - theres no way of denying it. All we can do as parents, grandparents, friends and family is try to teach our children the rights from wrong, show them to respect their body and consider the consequences of any actions they partake in. Let them be children as long as they can be. I would rather my 9 year old son came in covered from head to foot in mud after building a den with his friends than have him playing in the house on a console on a violent game feeling it's cool to kill people in the game he is playing. To me, that is the first step down a slippery perilous road and I will try my damn hardest to let my children be children and stay off that road of desensitisation.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all lifes seasons. Author unknown

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Doc Mcstuffins biggest fan!

For any of you that have toddlers you may be familiar with Doc Mcstuffins on the Disney Junior programme. It is about a little girl called Doc who is able to bring toys to life when other people are not around. She then fixes problems they might have like voice boxes that don't work or a teddy that loses her stuffing.

Well, Amber is absolutely HOOKED to this programme. There is a song in the programme that every toy sings when they are fixed called "I feel Better". Whenever this is on or Amber is better after being upset she sings the song. I now know the words off by heart and normally she insists that I sing along with her.

Today whilst my carer was here Amber decided to put on a performance for us singing that very song and I got it recorded on my phone - I am hoping that it works on here. Fingers and toes crossed - I hope that you like Please click on the link below and let me know if it works.


Amber aged 3 singing "I feel Better" from Doc Mcstuffins

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Learning the Lingo of the modern child

Until recently I convinced myself that at 31 I was still "cool" and "trendy" but my 9 year old forever changed that for me and destined me to the generation that just simply "did not understand".

Ibrahim (or Ibby for short) is my amazingly gorgeous and out spoken 9 year old. He is super confident, very clever and though I am biased, he is stunning with his chocolate brown eyes and gorgeous all year round tan that a sunbed can't replicate. He has just turned 9 in August and has currently gone into year 5. He is the youngest (and shortest) of the year but you wouldn't know as he has blossomed since he started school in Reception. He is also a Young Carer to me and helps me about the house and with his little sister - he literally has a heart of gold.

Well...... anyway I am steering away from my lost "coolness" and going into talking about how fantastic Ibby is, which could take all night if you allowed me to.

I like to sit down with Ibby all the time and talk to him about what is going on with his life, his school, friends, interests etc. He has always been my little boy but this summer he seemed to grow up. I can no longer used the word cool - instead the "in" word is sick. SICK? I thought that represented foul vomit but no, apparently it means something that is beyond any coolness I might have expected. It's all sick and bad in my house now when Ibby seems to enjoy something. Even when I try to use the words he looks at me like I am an embarrassing mum who should be hidden away in the shadows. I thought I was being "sick" by using all of the lingo that he used with friends but I guessed wrong. Not only that but what is with the words INNIT BLUD!?! I hate it - it makes me think of the stereotypical Essex chav wearing an all white tracksuit with a ciggie hanging out of their mouth - not something that I want my child to be saying! i had to put my foot down on those words as I cringe every time I hear them.

I think I am going to finally have to accept the fact that I am not as youthful as I thought, put away my partying stilettos and get out my comfy slippers. not to worry - I have a lovely cocoa to get me through the night and a blanket in case I get cold...... I am most certainly not what my son would call "sick".

Not to worry - even after all that last night Ibby came up to my bed whilst I was in there with a migraine. He gave me a cuddle and told me I couldnt be anymore supermum to him if I tried, so that is enough to keep a smile on this old bird's face.

Toddler Terrible Twos? Oh it continues into the threes!

So every parent is warned about terrible twos - that awful stage where your suddenly angelic child turns into a little monster overnight. Those with children, do you know what I mean? No? Just wait and if yes.....well you can understand completely me I am sure.

My daughter was that little Princess - a smile that could melt the hearts of millions and a quiet little personality. Then she turned 2.................DIVA! My still gorgeous little madam had turned into a diva overnight. Sleepless nights resumed again and the word NO became commonplace in our house - both from myself telling her no and from Amber saying it back to me whenever I requested anything. So there I was, a tired mess from no sleep, competing with a 2 year old who could run away from me faster than I could hobble after - it was interesting times and we both learnt alot from each other. Don't get me wrong -she was still my princess but she was a princess with attitude. I had met my contender - she was me but with cute dimples and eyes that sparkled in a way no amount of makeup was going to cover these eyes drowning with black bags. She also has her daddy wrapped around her little pinky so I always felt (and still do) like I am playing good cop bad cop - guess which one I am.

So last Friday Amber turned 3 - aha the magical number. It meant that the terrible twos were over and diva amber would forget the word NO and be magically complacent. But no - she hasnt and I realised something I knew all along. She is exactly how I want her, diva attitude and all. She is a fantastic little girl with a very confident attitude and a smile that lights up a room. She is very popular at nursery, comes home with fantastic reports and she is as clever as can be. Not to mention she is super cute.

Don't let me lie - I am still sleep deprived but every sleepless moment is spent thinking how blessed I am to have two amazing, gorgeous children - they are DIVALICIOUS!

Welcome To Blogging

Wow - this is my first blog and I am wondering where to start. about introductions and what this blog is for?

I am Kerry, 31 and I have two gorgeous children Ibrahim and Amber-Leigh with my amazing husband Mike. I am a stay at home mum and I am unable to work due to my disabilities. I have Chronic Fibromyalgia and M.E and they are both quite debilitating to me though I try not to let them get me down. My 3 year old daughter keeps me very occupied though my hours are empty now that she has started nursery 15 hours a week.

On this Blog I plan to talk about my day to day life coping with Fibromyalgia and M.E whilst juggling a home life. I am a crazy online Competition freak so no doubt I will talk about that alot. I also review products for Bzzagent so when I get a product through I will let you know whether they are a yay or a nay.

I hope you like my blog and continue to read.

Wins to date since blog started

£200 Voucher to spend instore with Olsen Designer Clothes - eeek - received this win on my birthday!