Thursday, 12 September 2013

Doc Mcstuffins biggest fan!

For any of you that have toddlers you may be familiar with Doc Mcstuffins on the Disney Junior programme. It is about a little girl called Doc who is able to bring toys to life when other people are not around. She then fixes problems they might have like voice boxes that don't work or a teddy that loses her stuffing.

Well, Amber is absolutely HOOKED to this programme. There is a song in the programme that every toy sings when they are fixed called "I feel Better". Whenever this is on or Amber is better after being upset she sings the song. I now know the words off by heart and normally she insists that I sing along with her.

Today whilst my carer was here Amber decided to put on a performance for us singing that very song and I got it recorded on my phone - I am hoping that it works on here. Fingers and toes crossed - I hope that you like Please click on the link below and let me know if it works.


Amber aged 3 singing "I feel Better" from Doc Mcstuffins