Friday, 13 September 2013

Red Head to a Blonde Bombshell

If you know me personally you would know that I do nothing by halves. I love bold makeup (when I have the energy) and I love having my hair bold so it stands out. For the past 3/5 years I have been a vibrant redhead but recently I have gotten bored of it and fancied a change. I considered many options including purple but my son Ibby begged me not to go purple as I was "too old". Sigh - there goes that age stigma again - lol!

So I have settled on blonde - as blonde as I can be. I have long thick hair and it takes ALOT of colour to color my hair. For the past 8 years I have been going to the same hairdressers called Salon Secrets to have my hair done by a lovely lady called Emma. We have a mutual agreement between us - Emma can do anything to my hair as long as she doesn't give me a fringe and Emma herself has said she will always refuse to give me a perm as she doesn't think it will work. Barring that anything could happen at one of my appointments.

Going blonde is part of my new image, as well as trying to lose 5 stone of weight by this time next year. I am tired of putting it down to post-pregnancy weight when Amber has now turned 3. When I told Emma that I wanted to go blonde she has explained to me that it's not a straightforward transition - I am going to have to have all my hair stripped and go through the different shades to lighten it as if she tried to turn my hair blonde now it will probably go pink - Ibby would be mortified!

So my first appointment at the Salon is this Saturday - I am literally spending the whole day in the hairdressers to start this process. I am packing a lunch and snacks, taking my kindle, my phone and my charger as I am sure it will run out before I am finished - my phone battery at least. Whilst I am there I will take photos of the process to show you how it's going and hopefully you will like the end result until I have to go back next to get it coloured again and again. For a photo of how red my hair is just look at my banner - it's not a subtle shade.

Wish me luck - I could come out of the Salon a multitude of colours - luckily I trust my hairdresser.