Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stoptober - battling along.

I have been smoking on and off for the past 11 years. I stopped to try for my daughter Amber and then through my pregnancy. I carried on not smoking until she was nearly 2 years old. Then I went on a Butlins hen weekend and it all went downhill. Everybody was smoking and I have always been someone who smokes whilst I am drinking. So I bought a couple of packets to last the weekend vowing that come the Sunday I would smoke no more.

Monday morning once I was home I realised that I still had half a packet left. Sensibly I should've thrown them away but I thought *hey I am an adult. I can smoke these and be fine.* of course that wasn't the case. One pack led into buying another pack and so forth. Before you knew it I was a full time smoker again. My husband Mike, who has never smoked and hates it, was really not impressed. He complained about the cost, the smell of it and how he didn't like the kids seeing me smoking. But I still persevered and in the end Mike said that if I was to smoke then it had to be pouches of tobacco as we couldn't afford cigarettes at the prices the shop charged them. Last time I smoked a pack of 20 was around £4 - now the price has doubled!!! So I switched to making rollies from tobacco.

I went on smoking for many months until I realised that I was using my inhaler alot more and I had a wheeze on my chest and a nasty cough. Not only that but Mike wouldn't kiss me until I brushed my teeth and my 9 year old son Ibby was begging me to stop. He was quoting lots of statistics about how it was bad for me and effectively making me feel really guilty that I had caused so much sorry for him

So it is Stoptober - the official month to give up smoking. So here I am. I have bought an electronic cigarette kit. It's the sort of kit that you refill with oil. I was told that it was cheaper every month and had a better taste. You can choose various different oils in all crazy flavours from standard tobacco through to redbull flavour if that takes your fancy. I have taken a liking to the dessert ones. They are sweet but give me that hit that I need from a cigarette. I won't lie - the first few days were awful - I wanted a real cigarette and that was it. One of the few benefits of me being housebound is that I couldn't go out and buy a packet so I instead had to scream in my house with frustration.

But as the days are passing it's getting easier and I have become quite fondly attached to my e cigarette. The vapours from it are water vapours and harmless to anyone around me. They leave no smell in the air and are legal to smoke anywhere. So I don't have to go outside in the cold now to smoke my cigarette. I can sit at my laptop in the comfort of my front room and smoke away feeling my conscience is clear.

Now to see if my lungs are clear and healthier by the end of this month. I will let you know soon.