Sunday, 13 October 2013

Typo Queen

I honestly have to stop writing late at night on my mobile blogging application when I am so tired. I logged on earlier and read my last two articles that were written about 3am. Oh dear, the typos were awful to the point that my 9 year old son could've written a better spelt article.

The problem is predictive typing on my phone. My phone loves to predict the most random word replacements and when it's 3 in the morning and I am also deprived, I have missed a few of them slipping through. I have had many friends who have said they can relate to this. Predictive text is great to speed up your typing but my goodness - it can certainly get you into trouble.

I have seen a few autocorrect websites out there and some of the mistakes are hilarious, including sending explicit comments to your parents or in laws - what a way to make them see behind that well behaved facade that you present to them!

I think the moral of my story today is watch what you type - dont rely on technology to get it right or you could be saying the wrong words to the wrong person. Oh, and be asleep by 3am unlike me.

Night for now x x z